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Frequently Asked Questions

A: For help with Enigmaty Robot, email us at [email protected].

A: Enigmaty Robot provides the following features for visualization of Enigmaty Robot activity and data analytics:

  • Condition monitoring
  • Alert log
  • Maintenance log
  • Advanced filtering
  • Routine maintenance workflow
  • Robot and controller identification data
  • Robot specifications document
  • Admin console
  • Multi-language support
  • Automated routine maintenance scheduling
  • Historical analysis
  • Data Dashboard
  • Real-time state and fault notifications
  • Exportable data reports
  • Enhanced alert timeline
  • Enhanced maintenance timeline
  • Robot motion visualization
  • Battery-state monitoring
  • Data dashboard
  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) monitoring

A: Enigmaty Tech Solutions automates scheduling of routine maintenance tasks to keep your robots in optimal condition and help prevent unplanned downtime. Visualized schedules allow you to monitor past, current, or upcoming maintenance. When it’s time to complete a maintenance task, our routine maintenance workflow makes it easy to complete and document work in Enigmaty Robot. As maintenance tasks are completed, you can view historical records of past work.

A: All customer-specific information and data within Enigmaty Robot’s cloud is only accessible to the customer and to Enigmaty; the data will never be shared with any other parties.

A: Enigmaty Robot’s data-extraction technologies have read-only access to robot-specific variables and parameters. Enigmaty Robot only collects robot data related to performance, health, and maintenance of a Enigmaty Robot.

It is not possible to use this data to determine robot locations, line setup or specific processes that a robot is performing. Enigmaty Robot does not have the ability to deduce production data. All customer data is anonymized in the cloud.

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